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Cathy Coleman, PhD

Steve Pincus
President Emeritus

Joseph F. Kaminski
Vice President

Aude Guerin
Executive Secretary

William Stickevers

Blesilda Carmona
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Carol Baum
Membership Secretary

Cathy Coleman, Ph.D.
Education Director

Mary Gow
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Steve Pincus


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Upcoming Meetings

NCGR-SF Events: February - July 2016
 Date / Room  Time  Topic  Speaker

 Wed., Feb. 10
Fort Mason
Bldg. C, #210

7:30 –9:30 PM The Aries Ingress: Prophecies of the Mundane Astrologer Wade Caves
 Sat. April 2
Fort Mason
Bldg. C, #210
1– 5 PM Timing Peaks and Transitions in Your Career and Life Direction Chris Brennan

Sat. May 21
Fort Mason
Bldg. C, #210

1– 5 PM The Five Chart Signatures Frank Clifford

Thurs. June 2
Fort Mason
Bldg. C, #210

7:30 –9:30 PM

The U.S. Chart Ken Bowser
Sat. June 4
Fort Mason
Bldg. C, #210
1– 5 PM Primary Directions Ken Bowser

Sat. July 16
Fort Mason
Bldg. C, #210

1– 5 PM Medical Astrology Kira Sutherland

Interested in Certification Testing? Contact our Education Director: Cathy Coleman, PhD or call (415) 418-9677 (cell).

Astrology Events in February 2016

2016 Meetings

Wade Caves

Wade Caves
Wednesday - February 10, 2016
Building: C Room: C210
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

The Aries Ingress: Prophecies of the Mundane Astrologer

The Aries Ingress: Prophecies of the Mundane Astrologer. Mundane astrology -- or, the astrology of the world -- was anciently held to be astrology's pinnacle and most noble application. Employing techniques like the assessment of Saturn/Jupiter conjunctions, comets and eclipses, and Aries ingresses, this branch is quite distinct and unique.

This talk explores the historical approach to annual Aries ingresses and the techniques astrologers applied to these charts to forecast the future for their respective king and country. We will also take a look at the Aries ingress for 2016, set for Washington, D.C., and assess key take-aways that better inform us on the astrological year ahead.

Wade Caves

Wade Caves is an astrological consultant, educator and international speaker specializing in horary, electional and classical astrological technique. Wade received his certification as a horary practitioner from Deborah Houlding’s School of Traditional Astrology (STA), and now serves as a faculty member and tutor for the STA in North America.

Prior to this he was certified with distinction from the Mayo School of Astrology in London, and is well-versed in both traditional and modern psychological methods of chart delineation. Wade maintains an astrological practice based in San Francisco, CA. He can be found online: and

$12 NCGR Members / $15 Non-Members

Wednesday February 10th:
$12 (NCGR member)

Wednesday February 10th:
$15 (non-members)

$15 NCGR Members / $18 Non-Members

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