steve-pincus30yrsmap-to-ncgr-sf-mtgWelcome to the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the National Council for Geocosmic Research. Our mission is to build community through astrological research and education.

Since 1975 we’ve provided unique astro-educational opportunities to a dynamic community. We’re a non-profit organization with monthly events at the historic Fort Mason Center, and also webinars online. Enjoy the company of fellow astrology enthusiasts while learning from some of the most influential and insightful astrologers in the world.

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Naomi BennettNaomi Bennett:
Foundations of Astrology: Hidden Teachings with Modern Applications

Fort Mason C-210
July 15 2017, 1-5PM




Astrology has been transformed in this 21st century with the merging of traditional astrology with modern astrology. With 25 years of research, Naomi Bennett shows the underlying design behind the original form of astrology that was created by the Egyptians and handed down to the Hellenistic Greeks.

The missing pieces in astrology are based on astronomical observation by the Egyptians who left behind images that are the key to the structure of sign and house rulership and even aspects. The expansion of research beyond written fragmentary Greek text gives a rounded view on how astrology was structured from the beginning.

Amazingly, new advances in fractal geometry, the discovery of the Fibonacci numbers and the value of Phi add to the connection of hidden mathematical design that is embedded within astrology. Naomi has benefited from mentors like Carl Payne Tobey and Robert Hand to find the references that will guide the merger of the old and modern astrology.

This workshop will re-examine the astronomical basis of planetary rulership and confront the use of the Aries House count as a modern invention. She will examine how the Hellenistic Egyptians most likely designed astrology. Tobey made these original discoveries but Bennett will show the evidence she uncovered and then use the newer techniques of Out of Bounds Planets, Heliocentric Nodes and Solar Parts to give you additional reliable predictions and delineations that are hidden within a horoscope.

Early Bird Advance Registration:
NCGR Member: $40; NON-MEMBER: $50

Light refreshments provided. Please arrive early, especially if you’d like to mingle with astrology enthusiasts. Peruse astrology books on a lollapalooza of a sale!

May 29 to June 3 and at the Door:
NCGR Member: $50; NON-MEMBER: $60


Naomi C. Bennett has practiced astrology since 1970 and is currently President of the Astrological Society of Austin, TX. She teaches astrology as a branch of sacred geometry and advises clients. She authored Foundations of Astrology in 2014 and has published two works of Carl Payne Tobey, who was her astrology mentor. She has a B.S. in Psychology, an 11 year career in computer sales with Fortune 500 companies and 15 years experience as a real estate investor.

She is an international speaker at various astrology conferences around the world. In February 2015, she was the USA Chapter Chairperson at the 25th Krishnamurti Institute of Astrology conference in Kolkata. She delivered an academic lecture for the Sanskrit Department at the University of Delhi on the astronomical basis of ancient astrology that pertains to Western and Jyotish Astrology. In September 2015 she lectured at the AA Conference in the UK and in November 2015 she spoke at the Astrology Restored conference in Capetown, South Africa.

Her quarterly mundane and financial forecasts are on YouTube at naomibennett360. Her website is www.LearnAstrologyNow.com.



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NCGR-SF is a vibrant group of professional astrologers and astrology enthusiasts who meet regularly at Fort Mason – a historic landmark at 2 Marina Blvd., at the northern edge of San Francisco just east of the Marina Green. We’re upstairs from Museo Italo Americano.

Our Upcoming 2017 Schedule:

Naomi Bennett: July 15
Foundations of Astrology: Hidden Teachings with Modern Applications
Workshop, 1-5 p.m., Fort Mason, Bldg. C, Rm 210

Michael Lutin: August 5
Ten Steps to Spot On Prediction
Workshop 1-5 p.m., Fort Mason, Bldg. C, Rm 230

Christopher Renstrom: Sept. 23
What Kind of God Are You? A Workshop About the Astrological Jupiter
Workshop, 1-5 p.m., Fort Mason, Bldg. C, Rm 230

Alphee Lavoie: Oct. 14
Looking at Relatioinships and Marriage with an Astrological Research View
Webinar, 11 a.m.-1 p.m., Online only

Jamie Kahl Miller: Nov. 18
Ceres: Asteroid Goddess, Significator of Food, Body and Money and Possible Ruler of Taurus
Workshop, 1-5 p.m., Fort Mason, Bldg. C, Rm 230

Rio Olesky and Steve Pincus: Dec. 2
Outlook 2018
1-4 p.m., Fort Mason, Bldg. C, Rm 210

Join us for special geocosmic learning opportunities — we look forward to seeing you!

By the way, want to know who we’ve hosted recently?

January – Lee Lehman
February – Greg Bogart
March – Rick Levine
April – Glenn Perry
May – Bill Meridian
June – Arielle Guttman

January – Eric Meyers
February – Wade Caves
April – Chris Brennan
May – Frank Clifford
June – Ken Bowser
July – Kira Sutherland
August – Aubrie De Clerck
September – Joni Patry
October – William Stickevers
November – Maurice Fernandez
December – Matthew Stelzner & William Stickevers

NCGR-SF Refund Policy for Lectures/Workshops:
Cancellations within 48 hours of event imply forfeiture of payment. Our Treasurer must receive notice PRIOR to 48 hours of registered event in order to transfer your balance to a future one.

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