steve-pincus30yrsmap-to-ncgr-sf-mtgWelcome to the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the National Council for Geocosmic Research. Our mission is to build community through astrological research and education.

Our monthly events are held in Room 210, 205 or 230 in Building C of Fort Mason Center, at 2 Marina Blvd., San Francisco, CA 94123, AND online. We have an exciting lineup of speakers!!

Scroll down to view our 2017 schedule or download a revised PDF by clicking NCGR-SF-Flyer-2017c.

Don’t miss our upcoming workshop:

Arielle Guttman – Career Counseling and Life Coaching Using the Venus Star Point®
Fort Mason, Landmark Building C, Rm 210
June 3 2017, 1-5PM




A frequent question that comes to the astrologer is: “What should I be doing with my life?” In this workshop, we will discover a potent new astrological tool to answer this question.

Most of us are familiar with the position of natal Venus in our charts and what it says about the love and relationship area of our lives. But there is a greater Venus, one that represents heart and soul united within our beings. This Venus is the Venus Star, produced from the eight-year cyclical pentagram produced by Venus in her orbit around the Sun. Its five points, called by Arielle, the Venus Star Points, helps the astrologer navigate through a person’s chart to find the essential talent – that which drives them.

Accompanied by examples shown through colorful slides and images, Arielle guides us through choosing a path of the “heart” for all things in life, based on the orbital pattern of the Venus Star. In this workshop you will discover the position of your own Venus Star Point® and what it reveals about your life.

Light refreshments provided. Please arrive early, especially if you’d like to mingle with astrology enthusiasts. Peruse astrology books on a lollapalooza of a sale!

Early Bird Advance Registration:
NCGR Member: $40; NON-MEMBER: $50

May 29 to June 3 and at the Door:
NCGR Member: $50; NON-MEMBER: $60


Arielle GuttmanArielle Guttman began her astrological training in 1974 and opened her consulting practice in 1980 in San Diego, CA. From 1986-2015 her practice and trainings were based in Santa Fe, NM. 

To celebrate Arielle’s time in the Bay Area since 2015, participants of this workshop are invited to a no-host dinner at 6pm at a restaurant near Fort Mason. Registrants will be notified with details.
Arielle is the author or co-author of five astrological books, including Astro-Compatibility (1980), Astro*Carto*Graphy with Jim Lewis (1989), two volumes of Mythic Astrology with Kenneth Johnson (1993-2004), and Venus Star Rising (2011). Mythic Astrology: Archetypes in the Horoscope has just been released as an ebook. You may contact Arielle at:

Venus Star



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NCGR-SF is a vibrant group of professional astrologers and astrology enthusiasts who meet regularly at Fort Mason – a historic landmark at 2 Marina Blvd., at the northern edge of San Francisco just east of the Marina Green. We’re upstairs from Museo Italo Americano.

Our Upcoming 2017 Schedule:

Arielle Guttman: June 3
Career Counseling and Life Coaching with the Venus Star Point®
Workshop 1-5 p.m., Fort Mason, Bldg. C, Rm 210

Naomi Bennett: July 15
Foundations of Astrology: Hidden Teachings with Modern Applications
Workshop, 1-5 p.m., Fort Mason, Bldg. C, Rm 210

Michael Lutin: August 5
Ten Steps to Spot On Prediction
Workshop 1-5 p.m., Fort Mason, Bldg. C, Rm 230

Christopher Renstrom: Sept. 23
What Kind of God Are You? A Workshop About the Astrological Jupiter
Workshop, 1-5 p.m., Fort Mason, Bldg. C, Rm 230

Alphee Lavoie: Oct. 14
Relationships, Synastry & Compatibility
Webinar, 11 a.m.-1 p.m., Online only

Jamie Kahl Miller: Nov. 18
Ceres: Asteroid Goddess, Significator of Food, Body and Money and Possible Ruler of Taurus
Workshop, 1-5 p.m., Fort Mason, Bldg. C, Rm 230

Rio Olesky and Steve Pincus: Dec. 2
Outlook 2018
1-4 p.m., Fort Mason, Bldg. C, Rm 210

Join us for a year of special learning opportunities — we look forward to seeing you!
By the way, our speakers in 2016 were:
January – Eric Meyers
February – Wade Caves
April – Chris Brennan
May – Frank Clifford
June – Ken Bowser
July – Kira Sutherland
August – Aubrie De Clerck
September – Joni Patry
October – William Stickevers
November – Maurice Fernandez
December – Matthew Stelzner & William Stickevers

NCGR-SF Refund Policy for Lectures/Workshops:
If you must cancel, your balance amount will be transferred to a future event if the Treasurer is informed more than 48 hours prior to the event.
There will be NO transfers or credit for cancellations that occur less than 48 hours prior to an event.

Our events are recorded, many available for purchase. Check out the archive at Sun Recording Service.