May 14 2019 PETER BURNS – Planetary Hours

Their Use in Traditional Astrology and Importance for the Understanding of Time

WEBINAR (ONLINE ONLY) Open to Global Attendees with Internet Connectivity
May 14 2019, 7PM to 9PM, Pacific Time



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About the Webinar 
Planetary hours go to the heart of astrology in our understanding of the unique quality of time. The most fundamental assumption of astrology, so rarely stated, is that the quality of time varies from moment to moment.

While the use of clocks in modern society might lead us to assume that time is a stream of uniform moments of equal quality, astrology points to a different conclusion.
In this lecture Peter Burns will explain the meaning of planetary hours, how they are used and how to calculate them quickly without a computer. Peter will also explain some applications of the planetary hours in horary and natal astrology.
About Our Speaker
Peter Burns has been studying teaching consulting lecturing and writing about astrology and palmistry since the 1980’s. He has an FAA Astrology Diploma and a Horary Craftsman Certificate from John Frawley. He was President of the Victorian Astrologers Association (VAA) 2006-2008 and was national editor of the quarterly Journal of the Federation of Australian Astrologers (FAA) for 16 years.
Peter Burns has lectured extensively across Australia, and in the US and Canada. He published “The Palmistry Textbook” in 2011 and the “Astrology Collection” in 2014.
For the time being Peter has ceased offering consultations and courses in order to run his event management business, and to focus on writing his next astrology book. Other developing projects include the building of his commercial free web site to offer free education for students of astrology, and the development of a new form of astrology that re-envisions how we interpret the heavens.
Peter’s main focus is now on teaching and horary astrology consultations.
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We hope you don’t miss this important look into planetary hours and how you can apply it to your life.