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Who has time to volunteer? Or rather, who makes time for service?
Meet the Board of volunteers who run this non-profit organization:

President & Education Director: Cathy Coleman, Ph.D.
Vice President: Gemini Brett
Executive Secretary & Web/Graphics: Mary Gow
President Emeritus: Steve Pincus
Membership Director & Recording Secretary: Karen LaPuma
Treasurer: Michelle Dench

Once a year we offer a chance for you to join us for a Board Meeting.

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Admission: Free

You’re also welcome to to join us to say you like what we’re doing!

If you’re interested in contributing your talents to the Bay Area Astrology Community here’s your perfect opportunity to let us know you want to participate in the guidance of our dynamic organization.

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NCGR-SF continues our Special Offer of free attendance to our on-line webinars. Beginning with the August 15, 2020 session, please note:
-NCGR-SF Chapter Members who register for the event will receive a free recording (excluding our monthly salons that are not recorded).
-When an NCGR-SF Chapter Member Registers for a COVID special free webinar, they get a replay of the webinar attended (after the event has passed the recording is available for sale at Sun Recording Service).
-Non-Members who register for an event and make a donation (pertaining to that event) will also receive the recording. Suggested donation: $10-$20 for 2 hour, $20-$30 for 3 hour. Any amount you are comfortable with is acceptable; (after the event has passed the recording is available for sale at Sun Recording Service).
Become a Member of NCGR (only $55 annually) and enjoy many benefits including free recordings of the events going forward while our COVID stay at home special lasts.
-Our Offers are subject to change.

Online Registration to become a member is available at https://geocosmic.org/register/. If you encounter it not handling your request, please call our NCGR National Office at (212) 838-6247 (preferably during regular business hours Eastern time) to process your Membership.

Please select “CA San Francisco Bay Area” as your chapter affiliation.

Coming Up: NCGR SF Astrology Salon – November

Hosted by Gemini Brett, Vice President
Friday, Nov. 6, 2020 3:30pm to 5:30pm

You are cordially invited to another NCGR San Francisco Zoom Meeting where Bay Area StarryTellers gather to chat about the Signs of the Times.

Click HERE to register for this Zoom Video Meeting. After registering you will receive information on joining this Meeting.

See you in Space!

With Starry Blessings from the NCGR SF Board
(Cathy Coleman, Gemini Brett, Mary Gow, Karen La Puma, Michelle Dench, and Steve Pincus)

NCGR-San Francisco Bay Area Chapter: Established in 1975, We’re a Non-Profit Organization Providing Tools for Thriving in an Ever-Changing Cosmos. We’re a vibrant group of professional astrologers, astrology students and enthusiasts committed to astrological education. We explore the relationship between Cosmos and Humankind.

To become a Member of NCGR-SF:

Online Registration is available at https://geocosmic.org/register/. If you require assistance, or find the website not functioning, please call our National NCGR Office at (212) 838-6247 for membership assistance. Visit our Membership page for more details on benefits of Membership.

No unauthorized recording. Your appearance at our events implies permission to photograph, record and video tape you. If you wish to not appear in our recordings we need to be notified in advance. You’ll find recordings of many of our events and an archive of timeless teachings at Sun Recording Service.


Save the Dates for 2020:

Jan 25 – Donna Stellhorn: Fundamentals of Chinese Astrology
February 09 – Joni Patry: Predicting Using Transits, Stations and Eclipses
March 28Kitty Hatcher: Where’s the Money? (Free Webinar)
April 18Oner Doser: Financial Significators (Free Webinar)
May 16Alan Clay: Sedna Consciousness, the Soul’s Path of Destiny (Free Webinar)
June 27Dennis Harness, Ph.D.: Vedic Astrology and Transpersonal Counseling (Free Webinar)
July 18Dawn Silver: Midpoints in Healing, Shining the Light on Hidden Planetary Physiology (Free Webinar)
Aug 15Steve Pincus: Midpoints in Synastry: Planetary Combinations in Relationships (Free Webinar)
Sept 19Armand Diaz: Seven Methods of Prediction (Free Webinar)
Oct 24Michael Feist (Webinar): The Theory and Practice of Using the Personal Daily Horoscope
Nov 15Annual Public Business Meeting and Social
Dec 5Greg Bogart: Preparing for the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction

Check back for updates!