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Level 3

ncgr-level 3Level III includes having basic knowledge of Mayan, Chinese, and Vedic astrology, as well as the history of Western astrology. Uranian astrology is also covered on this level, where the student must master the 90 degree and 360 degree dials, as well as have a thorough understanding of planetary pictures, midpoints, antiscia, and Arabic parts. Students must also be able to interpret two charts for synastry, calculate a composite chart, and know how both a composite and relationship chart are constructed. Other techniques comprising this level include horary and electional astrology, solar and lunar returns, as well as mundane astrology.

Once the proctored exam is passed, the student must complete a take-home exam to complete this level of proficiency. Here a comprehensive, in-depth mundane essay is required, as well as a short essay discussing a given electional chart.