Sept 18 2021 DALE O’BRIEN – USA Paradigms of Fear – From Valley Forge to 9/11 to Spring 2020

Dale O'Brien 9-18-2021 NCGR-SF

John Lennon asked, “Why in the world are we here? Surely not to live in pain and fear.” America’s leaders since Spring of 1778 do not agree with John’s assumption. Lunar North Node Returns to 2+ degrees of Cancer show U.S. leaders in new crisis and the American people again living with a new fear, …

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Oct 2 2021 BRUCE SCOFIELD: What is Astrology?

Bruce Scofield 10-02-21 NCGR-SF

It is probable that 99% of people engaged with astrology, ranging from casual sun-sign readings to advanced professionals, are focused on astrology as a practice in which the lives of human beings are analyzed. The other 1% includes those involved with mundane astrology or historical astrology. In other words, the subject of astrology is primarily …

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Georgia Stathis 12-04-2021 NCGR-SF

Turning the Wheel: A New Look at an Old Technique – Derivative Houses The natal chart is a treasure trove of juicy information that we often fail to see. Each house represents different people. Placing that house at the Ascendant position, gives an accurate overview of the current conditions of those persons. Like adjusting the …

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April 17 2021 DAVID PERLOFF – A Legacy of Marc Edmund Jones: Planetary Patterns (aka Temperament Types)

David Perloff NCGR-SF April 17 2021

During his lifetime, Marc Edmund Jones was one of the most influential astrologers of the 20th century. Today, he is perhaps best known for the Sabian Symbols. One of the often-overlooked techniques Dr. Jones developed is Planetary Patterns (aka ‘The Temperament Type’) – determined by how the planets are arranged around the wheel. Saturday, April 17 1pm to 3pm (Pacific Time) …

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