April 18 2020 ONER DOSER: Financial Significators (Webinar)

Oner Doser NCGR SF April 18 2020

In a birth chart, it is possible to find the issues the native may make profit from and how, as well as alternative ways of making money. For finding the significator, we will look at the methods suggested by ancient astrologers beginning with Claudius Ptolemy from the classical period, to William Lilly, a late Renaissance …

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March 28 2020 KITTY HATCHER: Where’s The Money?

Kitty Hatcher Webinar NCGR-SF March 28 2020

Where is the money in YOUR chart? (In response to COVID-19 this webinar is free). What can you do to become more financially abundant? What is holding you back from having your financial security needs met and what can you do to correct it? How can you feel financially secure with Uranus in Taurus? Find …

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Feb 09 2020 – JONI PATRY: Prediction Using Transits, Stations and Eclipses

Joni Patry Feb 9 NCGR SF

In this workshop you will learn how to make predictions from a birth chart using transits and their stationary points and eclipses. Examples from famous charts prove these techniques for predicting marriage, pregnancy, scandals, accidents and lottery winners. We will peak at Donald Trump’s transits for Election Day too. Workshop: 4 Hours Sunday, February 9 …

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January 25 2020: DONNA STELLHORN – Chinese Astrology

Jan 25 2020 NCGR SF Donna Stellhorn

The Chinese Astrology system can give you insight into yourself and your future. The concepts are easy to pick up when you have a basic understanding of Western Astrology but even without any previous knowledge, you can quickly learn this system with Donna. Fundamentals of Chinese Astrology and 2020 Outlook Workshop: 4 Hours Saturday January …

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