NCGR-SF Nov 15 2020

Everyone, Non-members and Members are welcome! Join us for our Annual Public Business Meeting and Social! Let us know how we’re doing. We’d love your feedback. Talk with fellow astrologers and astro-enthusiasts! Hours: 1-3 PM Register / RSVP in advance for this Zoom Meeting: Register / RSVP Who has time to volunteer? Or rather, who …

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OCT 24 2020 MICHAEL FEIST: Theory & Practice of Using the Daily Personal Horoscope

Michael Feist Oct 24 2020 NCGR SF

The personal daily horoscope is useful as an annual personal progressed chart. Michael will show what various planetary positions indicate. This lecture will be very easy to understand and free of complicated formulas. 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Pacific Time Webinar (Online) Open to Global Audience with Internet Connectivity Click here to find the time …

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SEPT 19 2020 ARMAND DIAZ: Seven Methods of Prediction

MCGR-SF Armand Diaz Sept 19 2020

Secondary progressions, transits, solar arc direction, solar return charts, annual profections, the Huber Method, and mundane aspects can all be used as means of prediction. We’ll not only cover how to do each of these methods, but also when and why to use each technique to the greatest effect. Examples from clients and famous personalities …

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AUG 15 2020 STEVE PINCUS: Midpoints in Synastry

Steve Pincus Aug 15 2020 NCGR-SF

Planetary Combinations in Relationships In Continued Commitment to Providing Quality Astrology Education in the Midst of COVID-19, This Webinar is Free Harmony and stress in relationships are often revealed through midpoint and planet interactions between partners’ horoscopes. This approach gives insights often missed by other relationship techniques. In this talk, important midpoints are discussed from …

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