Sept 23 2017 – Christopher Renstrom: What Kind of God Are You? A Workshop About the Astrological Jupiter

Christopher Renstrom

If you could be God, what kind of God would you be? The Sun represents the Self, but Jupiter represents the Divine Being that the Self was created in the image of. The planet of morals, justice, and plenty, Jupiter’s horoscope placement shapes our expectations of good fortune and higher purpose. Join us for: Christopher Renstrom: …

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Aug 5 2017 Michael Lutin – Ten Steps to Spot On Prediction

Michael Lutin

OMG, NOW WHAT? The big August eclipse, the stations of Saturn and Pluto — Everybody wants to know WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN? WHEN DOES IT HAPPEN? IS IT GOOD OR BAD? Let’s get together for a webinar and find out. Michael Lutin Ten Steps to Spot On Prediction (Workshop Webinar, Online Only) Saturday, August 5, 1PM …

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July 15 2017 Naomi Bennett-Foundations of Astrology: Hidden Teachings with Modern Applications

Naomi Bennett July 15 2017

Astrology has been transformed in this 21st century with the merging of traditional astrology with modern astrology. With 25 years of research, Naomi Bennett shows the underlying design behind the original form of astrology that was created by the Egyptians and handed down to the Hellenistic Greeks. Naomi Bennett Foundations of Astrology: Hidden Teachings with …

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June 3 2017 Arielle Guttman-Career Counseling and Life Coaching Using the Venus Star Point

Arielle Guttman June 3 NCGR-SF

Arielle Guttman – Career Counseling and Life Coaching Using the Venus Star Point® Fort Mason, Landmark Building C, Rm 210 June 3 2017, 1-5PM ABOUT THE WORKSHOP A frequent question that comes to the astrologer is: “What should I be doing with my life?” In this workshop, we will discover a potent new astrological tool …

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