Jan 24 2021 ERIC MEECE: The Great American Turning Point – What’s Ahead for the 2020’s

The planets indicate that the United States of America and many peoples around the world are coming to an historic turning point.

What do the planets say about where we’re headed, and what might we confront as the USA crosses this threshold into a new age?

Eric Meece Jan 24 2021 NCGR-SFWhat does the 2020 election mean for us going forward, and which way will the political winds blow in the 2020s?

What are the lessons we will be learning in this momentous time?

Find out:

SUNDAY, January 24 2021
1pm to 3pm (Pacific Standard Time)

With Continued Commitment to Providing Astrology Education in the Midst of COVID-19, This Event is Via Zoom


E. Alan Meece (aka Eric Meece), born Oct. 5, 1949, Uranus in Cancer rising, Moon in Aries, has studied and practiced astrology for over 50 years. His two books are Horoscope for the New Age (2019) and Horoscope for the New Millennium (1997). He has also written over 30 articles for Welcome to Planet Earth magazine, as well as articles for The Mountain Astrologer and the AFA Bulletin. He has a Masters Degree in Philosophy and is author of the forthcoming book The Philosophers Wheel. Eric is also a musician, composer, broadcaster and event producer. More about Eric at  http://philosopherswheel.com

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