JUNE 2 & 4, 2016 – KEN BOWSER: Primary Directions – Lecture & Workshop

kenneth-bowserJune 4 (Workshop) Saturday 1-5 p.m. (please arrive by 12:45 p.m.): How to Do Primary Directions
Fort Mason C-210

June 4, Workshop 1–5 p.m., Fort Mason C-210
How to Do Primary Directions

Secondary progressions relate to the movement of the planets after birth. Primary directions relate to the movement of the angles (the horizon and meridian) after birth. Primaries coincide with developments in life that are remembered long after secondaries. Accordingly, there are fewer primary directions than secondary progressions.

In this workshop you will learn how to calculate your own primary directions as well as aspects in mundo through the construction of a natal speculum, one of the main tools of professional astrologers before the 20th century. Aspects in mundo are often called the “hidden aspects” of the horoscope. The primary directions of interested students will be used as examples.

Light refreshments provided. Peruse astrology books for sale.

Within 48 Hours of Event and at the Door:
NCGR Members: $50 / General Admission $60

Ken Bowser, author of An Introduction to Western Sidereal Astrology, and Primary Directions and The Horoscope of the United States, has studied both astrology and ancient history for over forty years. Known for his careful scholarship in the field of ancient astrology, Ken lectures at astrological conferences in the US and Europe and regularly teaches classes on a variety of astrological subjects. His articles have appeared in American Astrology Magazine, The Mountain Astrologer, The Siderealist, The Traditional Astrologer, and other publications. He can be reached at www.westernsiderealastrology.com

Advance NCGR Member June 4 Workshop Registration (within 48 hrs): $50

Advance General Admission June 4 Workshop Registration (within 48 hrs): $60