May 20 2023 SUE KIENTZ – Next Stop to Illumination: Eris, Pluto’s Antidote and Guide to a Friendlier Future

Sue Kientz 4-22-23 NCGR-SFWith Eris as big as Pluto, she has the savvy and gumption to resolve deep-seated, egocentric life and relationship issues. In other words, Eris “answers” troublesome Pluto traits, as they are a pair with opposite “takes” on life, like Jupiter/Saturn and Uranus/Neptune.
While Pluto types angle for power and control, Eris devotees play Connector or Deflector, testing other people’s social cred: challenging positions reveal Eris as perhaps too discriminating or even anti-social; supporting aspects, Eris befriends the world.
Using chart examples of the famous (the good, bad, and strangely interesting), you’ll see why you and your charts need Eris.

Saturday, May 20, 2023
1pm Pacific, 3pm Central, 4pm Eastern Time
Two hour Event, Via Webinar

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Sue Kientz, author of More Plutos (2015), has studied astrology since 1977 and specializes in the largest Dwarf Planets (Eris, Makemake, Haumea, Sedna, Gonggong, Quaoar, Orcus, and others). Currently writing a general-audience book on the Dwarfs, Sue casts their addition to Astrology as a transformational breakthrough, comparable to Medicine’s discovery of microorganisms.

Visit to read free book chapters from More Plutos as well as other published articles including archived NCGR eNews pieces, Dwarf Planet keywords, and other fun facts.; E-mail:

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