May 21 2022 ARI MOSHE WOLFE: When Planets Square the Lunar Nodes

May 21 2022 Ari Moshe WolfeIn natal charts, planets that square the nodes represent very important soul dynamics/lessons that have the potential to be understood and resolved in the current life.

In this talk Ari Moshe will explain the karmic and evolutionary meaning of planets that square the nodes, what they represent, the healing potential they point to, and teach a specific technique for “resolving” the square.

Ari Moshe will offer examples and give space to look at participant charts to exemplify the teachings and technique in live time.

These teachings for working with planets that square the nodal axis are based on the teachings of Jeffrey Wolf Green and Evolutionary Astrology.

Saturday, May 21, 2022
1pm to 3pm, Via Webinar

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Admission: Donations of any amount are appreciated. Replay will be available to NCGR SF Chapter Members who register and to Non-Members who register and make a donation of at least $10 in the month of this presentation. 

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With clarity, honesty, and compassion Ari Moshe practices and teaches astrology as a spiritual study that serves in our own soul evolution. Ari Moshe’s teaching is rooted in the beautiful lineage of Evolutionary Astrology as taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green and continues to flower to express the unique scent of his own ongoing realization. Learn more about Ari’s work at