Become part of our vibrant Astrology Community in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sharpen your skills as an astrologer, get certification, and meet with other astrology enthusiasts. Be part of an organization committed to raising the standards of astrological education and research. Learn tools for thriving in an ever-changing Cosmos.

Online Registration is available at If you encounter any technical issues, please call our National Office at (212) 838-6247 to get assistance and become a member. Indicate “CA – San Francisco Bay Area” as your chapter affiliation to receive the additional benefits of SF Chapter Membership.

Dues for Individuals:
United States: $55 Annually, $150 for 3 years, $900 Lifetime Membership.
Canada/Mexico: $60 Annually, $165 for 3 years, $1000 Lifetime Membership.
International: $65 annually, $165 for 3 years, or $1100 Lifetime Membership.

The Many Benefits You’ll Enjoy Include:

  • During COVID-19 enjoy our Chapter’s free webinars
  • When NCGR-SF Chapter Member Registers for our COVID special free webinars, they get a replay of the webinar attended (after the event has passed the recording is available for sale at Sun Recording Service).
      • Lectures, workshops and webinars at reduced prices
      • Free webinars offered by NCGR National
      • Regular meetings and gatherings (online for now) where you can meet other astrology enthusiasts
      • Publications (included in Membership Dues):
      • Biweekly E-News Commentary alternating with the monthly E-News Calendar
      • Bimonthly MemberLetter, with feature articles
      • Annual NCGR Research Journal that explores and investigates special topics
      • Annual Geocosmic Journal to keep you in touch with astrological topics and techniques on all levels
      • Find opportunities to learn through study and discussion. NCGR’s Special Interest Groups (SIGS) are a key source of information on special topics.
      • Online education through professional lectures and workshops
      • Member discounts for NCGR Products (mp3s, journals, books)
      • Member discounts for NCGR events, both local and national, including conferences, workshops, and lectures
      • Member discounts through reciprocal agreements with national and international organizations such as Astrological Association of Great Britain, Astrological Lodge of London and the Federation of Australian Astrologers
      • Education for Certification
      • Special courses taught by NCGR can be used to qualify to take certification exams by our sister organization, NCGR-PAA (The Professional Astrologers Alliance)


    *PLEASE NOTE: You can also process your membership by mail by filling out a paper application and sending your payment (made out to NCGR and indicating “USCA-BayAreaSF” as your chapter) to:

    Alvin Burns
    1351 Maryland Ave., NE
    Apt. B
    Washington, D.C. 20002

    Contact Alvin at the National office at 212-838-6247 or email him at if you have questions regarding membership.

    You can reach Her Majesty’s Minister of Membership, Greg Knell, via email at

    When we resume meeting in person, you can also join us by completing an Application at our next in-person meeting, where we can accept cash, check or credit card for payment of dues. To join online, as mentioned earlier, go to and choose “CA- San Francisco Bay Area Chapter” as your Chapter of affiliation in order to enjoy all our special benefits!

    Don’t miss out on the UNIQUE bundle of astro-goodies for belonging to our Chapter of NCGR as we continue to build community through astrological education and research!