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Cathedrale_Saint_Jean_Lyon_ClockSCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM

FROM Vice President, Joseph Kaminski

With an interest in enhancing knowledge and creating opportunities for growth in the field of astrology, the National Council for Geocosmic Research, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter (NCGR SFBAC) has created a Scholarship Fund.

NCGR SFBAC Scholarships are sourced from the sale of book donations at various events and supplemented by our General Fund. The goal is to assist in educational development of people who have vibrant astrological interests, yet also have special financial needs.

Three scholarships will be offered annually:

Three recipients will have their choice of free admission to either:
(1) 3 Lectures;
(2) 1 Lecture + Half Day Workshop; or
(3) 1 Full Day Workshop. It is mandatory that attendance take place in 2018.
*NCGR Membership not required.*

Based on the number and type of applications received, the scholarship committee may change the number of scholarships awarded in each category as long as the total number of scholarships is limited to three annually.

If you feel that you may qualify for these scholarships and would like to apply, please complete the brief application and e-mail it to Please submit at least 21 days prior to the event(s) applied for.

NCGR-San Francisco Scholarship Application Form.