We hope you’re staying healthy and safe! Since March 2020 we’ve been offering our events free via Zoom webinar (except for one workshop), and we have not yet determined when we’ll be meeting in person again.

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Gemini Brett says we may, depending upon the weather, have an in-person gathering on Dec. 7th at Chavez Park at the Berkeley Marina. Stay tuned for details. 

Votes are in for the 2022 elections and appointments to board positions that are not elected.  

Our Membership Director is Greg Knell. 

Our new Executive Secretary is Kevin Mallett.

Our new Outreach Director is Winter Weldon.

Gemini Brett became President at the end of 2021, leaving the Vice President position open. At the September 2022 Board meeting, the board appointed Michelle Dench, our Treasurer, to also handle that position – till the term ends in fall of 2023.  

Apply to join the Board and be of service to the astrology community by supporting the study, development, and dissemination of the celestial curriculum in the Bay Area and beyond, plus, meet cool fellow Board members. You also get free admission to any of our events. 

In Sept. 2022, Mary Gow Pincus received an outstanding service award for her service on the Board since 2013. 

At the end of 2021, Gemini Brett became our new President, after Cathy Coleman’s service as President for six years. Prior to that, Steve Pincus served as President from 1985 to 2015. He’s continuing on the Board as President Emeritus.  

Reach out to us at if you’re interested in serving the Bay Area Astrology Community! You must be (or become) a member of NCGR in good standing to be considered. Member dues are $55 per year and includes local AND national affiliation.

Volunteering is one of the best ways to make a difference while expanding your knowledge base and meeting new people. To check out the current Board who keeps this organization running, go to

To become a member of our chapter go to and when you choose chapter affiliation be sure to select “Calif – San Francisco Bay Area.” 



We are pleased to announce the availability of the Level-1 certification exam ONLINE.

This marks the beginning of the transition of the PAA Certification exams from the old paper form to an online form.The transition of Level-2 and beyond will follow.

This change also allows PAA to upgrade and improve the testing system by streamlining the questions, adding more depth of knowledge, and in general, raise the standard of our certification process all around.

The obvious benefit of online testing is making it available to everyone without the limitation of location, date or time.

For more info check out our Certification page.

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How to get recordings of presentations: NCGR-SF Chapter Members who register for the speaker event get a recording of that month’s presentation. Non-Members who register and make a donation during the month of that presentation will receive a recording. (Suggested amounts are $10-$20, however any amount is appreciated).

Best deal is by becoming a Member of our local San Francisco Bay Area Chapter you’ll enjoy the many benefits of being part of dynamic our local chapter and an international astrological organization). Join by going to (Please email your receipt to to confirm you have become a member of our chapter). Annual membership is $55.

Recordings of many previous speakers are available for purchase at

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Thank you for your donations – they encourage and help us to continue to offer these events free to the community.


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We were unable to meet during Shelter-In-Place, so beginning in March 2020 we offered our lectures free of charge, accepting donations. Our special offers are subject to change. Recording/replay available to members of our chapter who register for that event, and to non-members who donate at least $10 (for 2 hr event, $20-$30 for 3-4 hr event) in the month of that presentation. 

We continue our Monthly Community Discussions the first Friday of each month which we began in 2020, from 3:30 to 5:00pm, Pacific Time. The gathering via Zoom Meeting is not recorded and offered free of charge. Gemini Brett and other Board members are hosting. Topic is subject to change. 


To help cover the expenses of our programming we’re accepting donations via PayPal.

Not only does your donation help with the cost of producing events, it allows us to offer them for free to those who cannot give at this time.

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Thank you for your interest in astrological education and we hope you don’t miss the benefits of being a part of our community!