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Join us for our Annual Public Business Meeting and Social!

Let us know how we’re doing. We’d love your feedback.

Talk with fellow astrologers and astro-enthusiasts!

Hours: 1-3 PM

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Who has time to volunteer? Or rather, who makes time for service?
Meet the Board of volunteers who run this non-profit organization:

President: Cathy Coleman, Ph.D.
Vice President: Gemini Brett
Executive Secretary & Web/Graphics: Mary Gow
President Emeritus: Steve Pincus
Membership Director & Recording Secretary: Karen LaPuma
Treasurer: Michelle Dench

Once a year we offer a chance for you to join us for a Board Meeting.

Don’t miss our special annual gathering! Drop by for a little while or stay a while.

Admission: Free

You’re also welcome to to join us to say you like what we’re doing!

If you’re interested in contributing your talents to the Bay Area Astrology Community here’s your perfect opportunity to let us know you want to participate in the guidance of our dynamic organization.

Don’t let this chance to say hello go by!