Oct 15 2022 KELLEY HUNTER: The Cosmic Feminine: Moon, Venus and Black Moon Lilith in Relationship

The re-arising of the Divine Feminine is a core mystery of our era, awakening a new quality of consciousness in us all. Three essential aspects of the feminine in astrology include:

*The Moon describes our foundational mother/family matrix that set up our automatic, subconscious programming and self-identity;

* Venus heart intelligence enhances our emotional experience and the personal essence of our love nature and expression of Self;

*Black Moon Lilith is mysterious, subtle and increasingly compelling as she deftly evokes deep soul desires, challenging us to live from deep authenticity beyond ego.

Each of these factors, separately and together, convey particulars about your dance with the goddess in this time, with considerable impact on the choices you make in your life and relationships.

Saturday, Oct 15, 2022
1pm to 3pm, Pacific Time, Via Webinar

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Kelley Hunter, Ph.D., is a seasoned Depth Astrologer who practices, teaches, and writes in the intuitive, mythic language of the stars. Her work is infused with a blend of mythology, psycho-spirituality, holistic studies, leading edge physics and a love of creative arts.

Author of Living Lilith, Black Moon Lilith, and Planetary Gods & Goddesses Coloring Book, she lectures internationally and spent many years living in the Caribbean, serving as astrologer for the Self Centre at Caneel Bay Resort and the Omega Institute winter programs.

She led over 1001 nights telling stories of the stars to visitors under the tropical night sky. She has now returned to Vermont where Ceres rules from the golden dome of the Statehouse. Kelley sends out Cosmic Inspiration News on New and Full Moons.

Find out more about Kelley at www.heliastar.com; contact: Kelley@heliastar.com

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