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jessica_lanyadooExploring Intimacy and Interdependence Through Astrology
Jessica Lanyadoo
Lecture: 1 hr. 44 min.
Astrology can be used as a tool for understanding how we inhibit or cultivate intimacy. Venus and Mars describe many of our romantic traits, but our deepest issues come from the outer planets in our birth charts! They articulate how we experience our individuality and what we are authentically able to give and receive in our intimate relationships. Who and what we are when we stand alone is the foundation for what we are capable of achieving with others. Lanyadoo’s talk will explore how to read what we need for our personal development so that we can be strong enough to share our true selves with others. Interdependence in intimate relationships requires that we stay ourselves and not merge with those we love. Order #LAN2002

Christopher RenstromSaturn: A Newer Look at an Older Devil
Chrisopher Renstrom
Workshop, 3 hrs. 52 min.
The Renaissance philosopher Marsilio Ficino feared the presence of Saturn in his horoscope while Robert Burton, the author of The Anatomy of Melancholy, wore his like a badge of honor. Saturn is Astrology’s greatest Malefic – traditionally seen as gloomy, baleful, and destructive, Saturn has been dressed up in recent years as the shadow aspect of our horoscope. The part of ourselves that we resist, deny, or project on to others because we find it so unattractive; the dark side that we need to integrate into our psyches in order to become whole and healthy human beings.

But what if it really is Saturn’s job to bedevil, to thwart, to inhibit and to prohibit? What if his nature is to be stubbornly adversarial; to resist the impulse to integrate and to incorporate which are the cardinal virtues of Jupiter?

What Saturn lessons are we learning and perhaps not getting? We examine Saturn in art, culture, and history. Saturn is Astrology’s greatest Malefic – traditionally seen as gloomy, baleful, and destructive, Saturn has been dressed up in recent years as the shadow aspect of our horoscope. Order #REN1003

Lynn-BellThe Moon and Dependency
Lynn Bell
Workshop, 5hrs. 21 min.
Our dependency patterns in adult life, whether they take the extreme form of addictions to drugs and alcohol, or the more hidden path of emotional dependency, are often reflected by the aspects and sign of the Moon. We can be addicted to gaming or gambling, to daily conversations with Mom, to seduction, attention, or money. The Moon tells us where we get sticky and stuck, and even more points us in the direction of the underlying emotions that set it all into movement. We begin life truly dependent on the care of others for our survival and that pattern of care has a lasting imprint. Breaking the circle of repetition is a powerful act of consciousness, and finding the right timing is essential. How can we use transits and progressions to break into a new emotional life? Order #BEL1003

Greg-BogartAstrology and Conscious Relationships
Greg Bogart
Lecture, 62 min.
Astrology can help us sustain and enhance our relationships so that we flourish within them. This presentation introduces synastry (chart comparison) and the art of couples counseling, with an emphasis on lunar aspects as a means of understanding each person’s capacity for emotional attachment. Greg will show how astrology aids us in working through relationships conflicts, anger, impasses, and shutdowns. Astrology generates insights that can enhance, heal, and sustain our relationships, enabling us to interact and live with other people more joyously, with greater tolerance and humor. He will discuss relationship symbolism of the natal chart, and synastry, the process of comparing two charts and their interactions. Order #BOG1007

maurice-fernandezChiron: Mortality of a Master
Maurice Fernandez
Lecture, 1hr. 57 min.
Since its discovery in 1977, the centaur Chiron has fascinated astrologers and many books were subsequently released on the subject, with the common reference of Chiron as the “wounded healer.” Maurice will take the study to a new direction and explore the complex dynamics involving this peculiar body. Includes ten example charts positioning Chiron in various signs and houses. Order #FER2001

Jack Fertig
Welcome to Planet X
Jack Fertig
Lecture, 1 hr. 50 min.
The astronomers have spoken and decided what a planet is, but astrologers define ‘planet’ differently. ‘2003 UB313’ a.k.a. ‘Eris’ has the size and orbital qualities to be considered, but what is her record in transits through the signs, in aspects to other planets, and what should we be looking for anyway? Jack Fertig offers a look at all these factors examining our newest planet and presenting some evidence that she may well be a major factor to be included in our work. In CD version, handouts are included on Supplemental Data CD. Order #FER2003

John FrawleyDignities and Receptions
John Frawley
Lecture, 1 hr. 44 min.
Dignity and Reception are the twin keystones of traditional method, whether in horary or natal charts. They give a subtle and sophisticated analysis of what everyone in any situation wants, thinks and intends to do, enabling us to unravel the psychology, not only of the native, but of those with whom they deal. So if you want to know what he’s thinking about you – this is how to do it! Order #FRA1002

Adam GainsburgThe Venus Phases
Adam Gainsburg
Lecture, 1 hr. 43 min.
Rooted in the most ancient skywatching traditions and rendered for our modern times, the 13 Venus Phases signify the developmental necessity of getting larger than our personal needs to offer that which only we can: our unique gifts, tireless passion, and a full commitment to sharing them with the world. In this lecture, Adam Gainsburg will present on the 13 Venus Phases: how they are delineated in both natal and mundane work, and the little-known celestial factors which link modern astrology to the very origins of the astrological tradition. He will explore Venus’ broader and deeper dimensions of relationship and engaging higher energies with greater embodiment. Using the framework of a personal feminine dharma with which we are each imbued, he will explain how the combination of sky factors and sound astrological technique can broaden any astrology. Order #GAI2001

The Language and Practice of Medical Astrology
Jessica Lanyadoo
Workshop, 3 hrs. 15 min.
In this 3 hr. 15 min. workshop we explore how to understand and use Medical Astrology in your natal chart readings. Come prepared with printouts of charts that you have questions about, and be ready to participate in a lively discussion. CD Set includes three audio CDs and one data CD with Chart Examples used during the presentation. Order #LAN2003

Eric MeyersConnecting the Moon to Lunar Nodes: The Emotional Origins of Karma
Eric Meyers
Lecture: 2 hrs. 3 min.
Often times in evolutionary astrology, the Lunar Nodes are examined independent of the Moon itself. When we expand the scope of the Moon from to a spiritual perspective (as opposed to only the psychological), we understand it as the great basin of absorbed experiences in the soul journey. Just like a child, we all begin spiritually less mature and conscious. The Nodes portray the patterns and habits which stem from these early experiences. This lecture will address the critical link between our emotional tendencies (Moon) and the lessons and challenges of our karma (Lunar Nodes). Order #MEY1001

Nora Jean StoneSocial Media Marketing for the Astrologer
Nora Jean Stone
Lecture, 2hrs., 4 min.
The world of public relations and marketing has changed with the advent of Social Networks. So much that all the old marketing strategies have to be thrown out the window. If people want their businesses to be seen, websites to be visited, and clients to be engaged it can only happen by embracing Social Network Marketing and establishing a dialogue with potential clients.

What is covered: What sort of astrologer are you? What is the aim of Social Network Marketing for the astrologer. Where to learn how to set up a website quickly and inexpensively. A short review of the impact of Social Networks on the adult population: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Tumblr.

Review of some web based tools to make Social Network Marketing easier to do. Social Network Marketing has spawned a basket of books, hours of webinars, and a niche industry of people who will do it for you. Learn some things you can use right away.

Parental Advisory Warning: Portions of this recording contain profanities or inappropriate references that are potentially unsuitable material for younger children. Order #STO2001

Komilla SuttonThe Lunar Nodes: Past Karma, Present Crisis and Future Self-Realization
Komilla Sutton
Lecture, 1 hr., 51 min.
Rahu Ketu as the lunar nodes are known in Vedic Astrology are the shadow planets which work psychologically. They carry the karmic imprint of our lives. These karmas can create many emotional crises within us due to the lack of understanding about the way the nodes work and how to make them a positive energy in your life. They can also bring soul mates into our lives, allow us to connect within our inner soul and fulfill the spiritual mission in life. This workshop will bring a greater awareness of how to use the nodes: understanding their axis, transits, timing of experience, eclipses, conjunctions and nodal relationships. Order #SUT1001