July 16, 2016 – KIRA SUTHERLAND: Fundamentals of Modern Medical Astrology

kira-sutherlandSaturday, Half Day Workshop 1-5 p.m. Fort Mason C-235. Please arrive by 12:45 p.m.

Early birds get a bonus! Register by July 14 and you’ll receive a laminated reference table created by Kira Sutherland on the Basics of Medical Astrology! 

Come explore what Astrology has to teach us about our health and well-being.

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The first half of the seminar Kira will take you on a journey through the 12 houses and examine how they impact our health. This is a great introduction to medical astrology, yet a thorough look at how planets express their energies within each house.

The second half of the seminar will be an in-depth look at the 4 elements and their ever present influence on health. What does each element have to offer and what issues and ailments can it create? How can we utilize our elemental profile from our natal chart to live a healthier, more balanced life? Practical ideas for treatment using natural medicine and nutrition will also be included. This is a practical, interactive workshop where, if time permits, a bit of ‘hands on’ with attendee charts will be included.

You must register AND submit your birth data by July 6 if you want your chart to possibly be considered for discussion. Send your: 1) name; 2) birth data (date/time/place); 3) email address; and 4) a two paragraph description of your health issues to ncgrsfbay@gmail.com

Please Note: Kira will be choosing only from early bird registrants who submitted their birth data by July 6 and this aspect of the workshop will take place only if time permits. If your data is used during the workshop, you agree to having your ‘personal’ info discussed publicly and included in recording of the presentation.
Register online in advance via PayPal (below).

Kira Sutherland is an Australian Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist and Astrologer. She divides her time between clients, writing and lecturing on health, well-being and medical astrology. Known for her vibrant, straight forward teaching style, Kira has lectured in Medical Astrology both within Australia and internationally. She is currently hibernating in the mountains of Canada with her family while writing and playing in nature as much as possible.

In private practice for over 20 years, Kira combines her knowledge in Naturopathy with her passion for Medical Astrology into a wonderful mix of mind/body medicine. She holds advanced degrees in Sports Nutrition, Nutritional Medicine, Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine. Visit her website at kirasutherland.com.au or on Facebook at UberHealthAstrology.
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Light refreshments compliments of NCGR-SF. Peruse astrology books for sale.

NCGR MEMBER Online Registration <48 Hrs of Event $50:

Within 48 Hours of Event Online Registration & At the Door: NCGR Members $50 / Non-Members $60

We hope you don’t miss this special opportunity to learn about the fundamentals of modern medical astrology from Kira Sutherland.