July 16 2022 MYCHAL BRYAN: Applied Uranian Astrology for the Practicing Astrologer

Mychal Bryan 7-16-22 NCGR-SFUranian Astrology is a powerful approach to chart delineation that highlights planetary relationships that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Learn a step-by-step method for interpreting a natal chart within the Uranian system and how to use planetary pictures to search for hidden themes and events within a client’s life.

We will also explore the use of the Arabic Parts and how we can use them to unlock a wealth of meaning within our current astrological practice.

Saturday, July 16, 2022
1pm to 3pm, Via Webinar

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Mychal A. Bryan is a professional certified astrologer, multidisciplinary hypnotherapist/healer, and broadcast journalist practicing in Nassau, Bahamas. He has been a lifelong student of the Western Mystery Tradition, emphasizing in Kabbalah, Tarot, Hermeticism, & Pre-Socratic Philosophy. He is the founder of the Oraculos School of Astrology (OSA), and The Oraculos Podcast. At OSA he offers private mentorship, professional development courses for seasoned practitioners, as well as a full 2-year Excellence in Astrology program. More at https://www.oraculosastrology.com/ and https://linktr.ee/oraculosastrology

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