May 21, 2016 – FRANK CLIFFORD: The Five Chart Signatures

Frank CliffordKey Techniques for Chart Analysis
Saturday, May 21, 1-5 p.m.
Please arrive by 12:45 p.m.

Fort Mason, C-210
Half-Day Workshop

When interpreting a birth chart, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by too much information, but in this new seminar Frank will introduce ways of zooming in to the important factors of any horoscope in order to extract reliable, pertinent information.

Frank has discovered that every horoscope has at least one of five chart signatures – each one describing clear personality indicators or key life events and situations. Knowing how to find and interpret these can form the foundation of an accurate astrological analysis and consultation.

These signatures include: planetary overtones; major aspect configurations; dominant or missing elements and modes; and aspects/features that are central to the chart’s action. Today, we’ll use a few examples from Frank’s files and work with our own horoscopes, as we learn how to assess, interpret and articulate these all-important signatures for ourselves and our clients.

has built an eclectic career as a consultant, publisher, lecturer, and a writer of a dozen books (including Getting to the Heart of Your Chart: Playing Astrological Detective). Frank lectures internationally and continues to write for (and guest edit) The Mountain Astrologer. In 2012, Frank won The Charles Harvey Award, a lifetime achievement award for “exceptional service to astrology.” In 2016, he will begin courses online via The London School of Astrology., and email:

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