Georgia Stathis Dec 4 2021 NCGR-SF

Turning the Wheel: A New Look at an Old Technique – Derivative Houses

The natal chart is a treasure trove of juicy information that we often fail to see. Each house represents different people. Placing that house at the Ascendant position, gives an accurate overview of the current conditions of those persons.

Like adjusting the lens of a telescope, turning the wheel, allows you to see things from a very different perspective that is fresh, clean and unencumbered. Georgia uses this technique in her work with individuals as well as business.

Saturday, Dec 4, 2021
1pm to 3pm, Via Webinar

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Georgia Stathis ( specializes in business and natal astrology since 1977 with a strong background in investment and real estate. She holds a B.S. degree from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, and an M.B.A. from Pepperdine University. She is both an investor and a consulting astrologer and is author of Business Astrology 101: Weaving the Web Between Business and Myth and her brand new book entitled Pushing through Time: Synodic Cycles and their Developing Phases (both available through

Georgia is a contributor to various professional journals, writes her own weekly column at and teaches many classes internationally. She team taught the undergraduate program at Kepler College and currently writes for the 2021 Midheaven Magazine.

In 2021, she was part of the Inner Circle teaching for and added that forum to the other online schools for which she teaches. They are: Kepler College, Mayo School of Astrology, Breaking down the Borders and Astro Summit as well as conferences such as NCGR, ISAR, OPA, and UAC. She spends a lot of time doing research and writes a FREE newsletter for those who sign up at her website

She is a board member of the National Hellenic Museum in Chicago is also the current chairwoman and one of the founders (with Urania Trust and Kepler) of the newly formed Alexandria iBase Project, whose mission is to preserve astrological literature for our peers for the future, a 501 C3 non-profit foundation, more information can be found at Georgia can be reached at:

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