March 13 2021 MICHELLE DENCH: Family Constellations and Hidden Trauma in the Birth Chart

Michelle Dench 03-20-2021 NCGR-SF

Saturday, March 13, 1pm to 3pm, Pacific Time Via Zoom Webinar, Space Limited to 100 Participants REGISTER Click to Register in advance for this 2 hour webinar. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. Check your time with this time zone calculator. IN THIS WEBINAR Michelle will share the …

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April 17 2021 DAVID PERLOFF – A Legacy of Marc Edmund Jones: Planetary Patterns (aka Temperament Types)

David Perloff NCGR-SF April 17 2021

During his lifetime, Marc Edmund Jones was one of the most influential astrologers of the 20th century. Today, he is perhaps best known for the Sabian Symbols. One of the often-overlooked techniques Dr. Jones developed is Planetary Patterns (aka ‘The Temperament Type’) – determined by how the planets are arranged around the wheel. Saturday, April 17 1pm to 3pm (Pacific Time) …

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May 15 2021 ROY GILLETT: The Method and Importance of Mundane Astrology

roy-gillett-05-15-21 NCGR-SF

Moving beyond cherry picking, Roy will explain a systematic objective method to describe the workings of the cycles of the outer and inner planets, triggered by the daily angles. Then he will show how the insights they reveal can be used to anticipate, understand, and so master events and social change. The session will follow …

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June 12 2021 KAREN LA PUMA: Astrology and Tarot Workshop

Karen La Puma June 12 2021 NCGR-SF

Integrating Astrology and Tarot to Become Your Own Intuitive Guide If you know Astrology, you can easily learn the Tarot. Karen created an original Tarot deck, using digital collage, that integrates the Astrological symbols. In a 4-hour seminar, she will present her deck and show how perfectly the symbols interact. The twenty-two Major Arcana equal …

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