Dec 3 2022 JUDITH HILL: Interpreting the Lunar Nodes in Relationship Charts

Judith Hill 12-3-2022 NCGR-SF

The Lunar Nodes are supremely important for all manner of compatibility assessments.    For Example:  What are some possible implications of your Venus conjunct your partner’s South Node?   Or, conversely, their North Node?   Who benefits when his Jupiter is conjunct your North Node?   Why does one friend energize you, yet another drains …

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Jan 21 2023 – The Astrology of 2023

Astrology of 2023 1-21-23

Join us for a 3 hour exploration of the outlook for 2023. Insights from NCGR San Francisco Board members: Gemini Brett, Steve Pincus, Michelle Dench, Greg Knell and Karen La Puma.           Saturday, January 21, 2023 1pm Pacific Time,  3pm Central Time, 4pm Eastern Via Webinar, 3 hour event Check your …

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Feb 18 2023 – LAURA NALBANDIAN: From Disillusionment to Inspiration – Neptune in the Natal Chart

NCGR-SF Laura Nalbandian 2-18-23

Neptune covers so much ground ~ escapism, faith, fantasy, confusion, visions & illusions, just to name a few.  Students are often mystified and unclear about how to actually apply this often illusive planet into the chart.  In this workshop, we’ll look at Neptune from all of its angles, and move it through the houses and …

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March 25 2023 – TOM JACOBS: Understanding and Healing Family Contracts

NCGR-SF 3-25-23 Tom Jacobs

A favorite of focus of Tom’s is all about helping people understand their soul’s intentions for creating family.   This presentation could be very healing for anyone.   Through Tom’s evolutionary astrology teaching he’s added significantly to developing this presentation by channeling information from Hermes/Thoth and working as a medium with spirits of those who …

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