March 25 2023 – MICHAEL BARWICK: Celestial Superpowers: Using Fixed Stars in Natal Astrology

Michael Barwick-NCGR-SF March 25 2023

Fixed stars once played a major role in astrology. Despite astrology literally meaning ‘study of the stars,’ today many astrologers view the fixed stars as add-ons or dismiss their significance altogether. Psychological astrology is largely mute regarding their influence. Even some traditional astrologers have asserted they have no meaning in natal astrology. In this talk, …

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April 22 2023 ADAM SOMMER: The Astrology of Bitcoin

Adam Sommer 4-22-23 NCGR-SF

Describing Bitcoin isn’t easy.  If you take the technical route, you will lose everyone.  If you choose the financial one, you will lose most.  But if you travel down the libertarian road populated by cyberpunks trying to solve one of the worlds most serious problems, most people remain interested.  As astrologers, all three attempts of …

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May 20 2023 SUE KIENTZ – Next Stop to Illumination: Eris, Pluto’s Antidote and Guide to a Friendlier Future

Sue Kientz NCGR-SF 5-20-23

With Eris as big as Pluto, she has the savvy and gumption to resolve deep-seated, egocentric life and relationship issues. In other words, Eris “answers” troublesome Pluto traits, as they are a pair with opposite “takes” on life, like Jupiter/Saturn and Uranus/Neptune.   While Pluto types angle for power and control, Eris devotees play Connector …

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June 17 2023 CESAR LOVE: BASEBALL ASTROLOGY – Focusing on the Oakland Athletics

June 17 2023 Cesar Love NCGR-SF

Have you wondered if there wasn’t some kind of explanation behind all the marvels, mysteries and tragedies of baseball? Have you ever wondered what is behind the highs and lows of the Oakland A’s?   This presentation gives you your answers and more! César Love, author of Baseball: An Astrological Sightline, introduces the birthchart of …

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