First Friday Monthly Community Discussion

Please join us to discuss the Signs of the Times.   Monthly community discussions are held on the first Friday of every month via Zoom Meeting from 3:30 to 5:00pm Pacific and are hosted by one of the stellar NCGR SF board members.   Topics include current astrological happenings, review of and expansion upon recent …

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Aug 14 2021 LINDA BERRY-Vibrational Astrology: A New Model For Your Chart and Your Life

Linda Berry NCGR-SF Aug 14 2021

Vibrational Astrology has been in development by David Cochrane since the 1970’s but it was 2012 when he started teaching it for the first time.  One of the key things about Vibrational Astrology that makes it different is that it is evidenced-based. This lecture will discuss what Vibrational Astrology is, the basic principles used in …

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Sept 18 2021 DALE O’BRIEN – USA Paradigms of Fear – From Valley Forge to 9/11 to Spring 2020

Dale O'Brien 9-18-2021 NCGR-SF

John Lennon asked, “Why in the world are we here? Surely not to live in pain and fear.” America’s leaders since Spring of 1778 do not agree with John’s assumption. Lunar North Node Returns to 2+ degrees of Cancer show U.S. leaders in new crisis and the American people again living with a new fear, …

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Oct 2 2021 BRUCE SCOFIELD: What is Astrology?

Bruce Scofield 10-02-21 NCGR-SF

It is probable that 99% of people engaged with astrology, ranging from casual sun-sign readings to advanced professionals, are focused on astrology as a practice in which the lives of human beings are analyzed. The other 1% includes those involved with mundane astrology or historical astrology. In other words, the subject of astrology is primarily …

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