NCGR-San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

We’re happy you landed here. NCGR-San Francisco Bay Area Chapter (“NCGR-SF”) is a Non-Profit Organization providing Tools for Thriving in an ever-changing Cosmos. We’re a vibrant group of professional astrologers, astrology students and enthusiasts committed to building community through astrological education and research. We explore the relationship between Cosmos and Humankind. Our Bay Area Chapter …

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Sept 10 2022 GEMINI BRETT: Mercury Cycles: Hermes Steals the Herd – Astrology, Astronomy, and Mythology of Mercury Retrograde and Elemental Years

sept 10 2022 NCGR SF Gemini Brett

Saturday, Sept. 10, 1pm to 3pm, Pacific Time Check your time with this time zone calculator. Given Mercury Retrograde and about to Cazimi in an Air Sign for the last time before moving onto an Earth Sign year, Gemini Brett will speak about Mercury Cycles: Hermes Steals the Herd – Astrology, Astronomy, and Mythology of Mercury …

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Oct 15 2022 KELLEY HUNTER: The Cosmic Feminine: Moon, Venus and Black Moon Lilith in Relationship

Kelley Hunter 10/15/22 NCGR-SF

The re-arising of the Divine Feminine is a core mystery of our era, awakening a new quality of consciousness in us all. Three essential aspects of the feminine in astrology include: *The Moon describes our foundational mother/family matrix that set up our automatic, subconscious programming and self-identity; * Venus heart intelligence enhances our emotional experience …

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Dec 3 2022 JUDITH HILL: Interpreting the Lunar Nodes in Relationship Charts

Judith Hill 12-3-2022 NCGR-SF

The Lunar Nodes are supremely important for all manner of compatibility assessments.    For Example:  What are some possible implications of your Venus conjunct your partner’s South Node?   Or, conversely, their North Node?   Who benefits when his Jupiter is conjunct your North Node?   Why does one friend energize you, yet another drains …

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